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Call For Abstracts
Resident and Student Presentations

Our goal for the weekend is to provide Orthopedic Surgeons in the Midwest an intimate meeting format that encourages discussion on techniques and advances in medical care to better serve patients. Part of this advancement relies on the involvement of those within educational programs. MCSOS enjoys providing young physicians opportunities to showcase their hard work and advance themselves (as well as their skills, their network, and their practice). This experience is a win-win for our members and the residents as it paves the way for a lifetime of collegiality and connectedness within the health care professions.

The Henry O. Marsh Award for Resident Research was initiated in 1981, with the first awards presented the following year. This Award was started to recognize papers of high quality, representing hard work and beneficial information that should be shared with other Orthopedic Surgeons.

Student Presenters should be in their 4th year of medical school and have an Attending Sponsor at the Annual Meeting. Please have your sponsor contact MCSOS about presenting. 


Applications are Due 3 months prior to the meeting.

Click HERE to apply for the Henry O. Marsh Award.

Scientific programming

MCSOS is looking for speakers on a variety of topics from members and non-members of each state. We appreciate innovative and useful information appropriate for surgeons across a variety of specialties. Most presentations are typically scheduled for a 30 minute time block, but this is flexible.


Please submit your name and clinic/hospital, address, and phone number with the abstract & anticipated length of presentation to If you are interested in a panel presentation, please submit your topic and names of other interested speakers.


Our Scientific Chairs will contact you with any additional questions or information. 

Thank You!

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