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Mid-Central States Orthopaedic Society was founded in 1954 to provide sharing, discussion and collaboration among orthopedic surgeons in an eight-state area – Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and states adjacent thereto. The organization’s primary mission is to host an Annual Meeting that brings members together to learn and collaborate on the latest surgical, diagnosis and treatment trends, technology and techniques, providing better care to patients.


Mid-Central States Orthopaedic Society provides orthopedic surgeons in the Midwest a format for discussion on techniques and state of the art advances and applications to medical care in order to better serve their patients. Through our Annual Meeting, we give members the opportunity to advance themselves, their skills, their network and their practice.​ New in 2023, Mid-Central States is presenting the David A. McQueen Memorial Perspectives in Total Joint Arthroplastly Meeting held annually at Flint Oak in Fall River, KS.

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Our History

The original concept of developing an orthopaedic society for the Mid-Central states was to provide a clinical format, within the scope of orthopedic surgeons, to focus on meetings with open discussion and critical review.


Initiated by Dr. Charles Rombold of Wichita, Kansas, the concept was modeled off of Central States Orthopaedic Club, founded in 1912. Dr. Rombold was instrumental in discussing his ideas with his colleagues in Kansas, as well as in five adjoining states, and felt that other surgeons could also benefit from this kind of collaboration.


The first organized meeting of The Mid-Central States Orthopaedic Society, Inc. was held in Kansas City, Kansas at the University of Kansas Medical Center on January 9, 1954.


The State of Wyoming was admitted to the Society in 1956, followed by the State of Iowa in 1959, making it an eight-state, regional association.


The Henry O. Marsh Resident Paper Awards Program was initiated in 1981 with the first award presented in 1982. This annual event invites Residents to present their winning papers at the Annual Meeting, where they receive a monetary award and plaque.


For many years, the Annual Meeting has complemented its program with a popular and unique feature called Pathology Unknowns. The presentation encourages a competition among attendees to properly diagnosis a complex or complicated orthopedic pathology. The Scientific Program Chair elects a presenter who is outstanding in orthopedic pathology.

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